Chapter Six German NAZI Party Gains Control

Chapter Summary:

Hitler planned a march to capture Munich, the capital of Bavaria, and then to march on Berlin to take over the entire German government in the way that Mussolini marched on Rome and gained control of the Italian government. However, in Mussolini’s case, he was successful because the Army and police did not interfere.

The German army fired upon the Nazi marchers, and captured Hitler and a few high-ranking Nazis. Goering, shot in the hip, seriously wounded, and carried by the SA (NAZI Stormtroopers) to receive medical treatment and later fled to Austria to escape imprisonment. The police jailed Hitler, and the other Nazi officials, on the charge of treason. All except Hitler pleaded not guilty and gained their freedom. Hitler used his trial to gain national publicity.

Hitler gave up trying to gain control by revolutionary force, and decided to use democratic legal ways to gain power. The chapter will explain how he succeeded to gain control of the German nation and will discuss successful political campaign methods, developed by the Nazi party in the late 1920s and early 1930s, that are in use today in America.