About the Author

Frederick G. Herbert

Mr. Herbert flew as a CAP mission pilot, over twenty years, on search and rescue,  disaster relief, and counter-narcotics missions, and  commanded the Connecticut CAP Wing.   He received a Historian of the Year Award, in 2008 and became Historian Emeritus in 2013. His grade is Colonel.

The New England Air Museum displays the flight suit, on a mannequin, worn by him when he established a world record, speed over a recognized course, sanctioned by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.The display includes record documentation. He has had five magazine articles published recently, four in the United States and one in England (April,2014). He has performed three speaking engagements in 2014 and has four more scheduled. He has lectured twice in April, 2014 on flight safety at aviation forums sponsored by Polk State College, in Lakeland, Florida.

Mr. Herbert retired from Eastern Connecticut State University  as an administrative Dean, and now serves the Northeast Headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) as Historian Emeritus. He is a licensed Commercial Pilot, writes aviation history articles, and  lectures on aviation history and flight safety.  Mr. Herbert’s  primary discipline was Electronic Engineering. Beginning  in 1952 he  worked at Cape Canaveral, engaged in research and development of missile guidance systems. The engineers and scientists of the US patent office awarded him a patent for his invention of an electronic/acoustical device.

In 1956, The Department of Defense assimilated him into the United States Air Force, as a Captain. He served in Germany and on the Libyan desert  during the Cold War. The Federal Aviation Agency certified him as a Wright Brothers Master Pilot, Aviation Accident Prevention Counselor, and Aviation Education Counselor.He holds the FAA terminal ground instruction certification, qualifying him to present candidates for written examinations required for any FAA issued flying  license.

He is a member of the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association, past member of the Board of Directors of the Preston Connecticut Historical Society, a founding member of the National Air and Space Society, and a founding member of the US Department of Homeland Security.

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